so many questions…

Who What Why Where When?

How do I envision this website?

  • I see a place where I can consolidate and organize the mass quantities of information I have been gathering for the last 3 years into a format that is easier to understand.
  • I see a way to communicate that information to my friends, family, and anyone else who may have reason to find it useful.
  • I see a pattern in the world around me, one that scares me. This country is producing more poison than food and not enough people are paying attention. Maybe with this blog I can make more people aware enough of not only the current problems, but of the many solutions that are still available to us. It is never too late!

It is never too late…
…to repair our own failing nutrition, to replenish the ravaged earth, to heal the damage done by our modern world.

I hear by dedicate myself to this blog. I shall set aside my fears of writing and trust that my communication skills will develop along the way. I am excited to share my discoveries with everyone!

There is just so much to tell you….



how did things get this way?

My childhood was quite normal. Luckily there were organic farmers in the family, so fresh vegetables were not a foreign concept, but we ate our fair share of sugar cereal (when we could get our hands on it!)

In my 20’s I fell under the spell of convenience foods, even though I loved to cook, simply because who has time when they have to work three jobs and go to school? In my 30’s I could finally afford to eat out and drink all the good beer I wanted. Turns out that wasn’t such a great idea….

In January 2011 I decided to go gluten free. I had been lucky enough to eat someone’s delicious wheat/dairy free cooking for the previous two months. Then I ate a fabulous array of someone else’s delicious gluten filled cooking. My body made it very clear that it was no longer interested in gluten! It rejected it wholesale, rolling my stomach out like a toothpaste tube, then rinsing it out a couple times before it would let me “relax.” I gave up the wheat then and there and have had serious issues whenever I ingest it since :/

I already knew this could be part of my genetics. More than one member of my extended family had begun figuring out that many of their health problems were due to gluten intolerance. They were encouraging the whole family to get tested. Mom witnessed my experience and took their advice… turns out she has a gluten intolerance, too!

Going wheat free wasn’t enough. Even as I continued to find the sneaky places gluten can hide  I was still having pain, heartburn and serious digestive issues. A specific kind of rash that had been on my face for years started to clear up as I eliminated the gluten, but I still had a variety of other itchy bumps that continued to plague me. What was going on?

I had no medical insurance at the time, so thankfully there are tests you can buy on the internet. My very generous Stepmom bought me a full panel fecal allergy test for my birthday! It’s the best birthday present I ever got. We also ordered a fat malabsorption test to get an idea of how damaged my intestines were. Thanks to this test I found out about the corn allergy.

Eliminating corn from my life has been the hardest thing in the world I have ever done. And also the most rewarding. Every step I take further from corn the healthier I get, the stronger I am, and the smarter I become. It is a challenge on every level. It has changed my life in a myriad of ways.

I am using this blog to communicate my discoveries to the outside world. I am learning SO MUCH; about food, nutrition, the food industry, allergies, medicine, plants, farmers, recipes… the list goes on and on and on. And it turns out there really are people who want to know! Like you, whoever you are 🙂 Thank you for reading. I am going to share my healing food journey. I hope it helps, inspires and encourages!